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Moving Beyond Legacy Pricing Systems

In this episode of B2B Reimagined, Zilliant Senior Vice President of Products & Science Pete Eppele joins us to discuss the steps companies need to take to attain real-time pricing capabilities with...
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Four Takeaways from #PPSCHI2022

We attended and spoke on stage at the annual Professional Pricing Society Spring Conference in Chicago. Here are four items that stood out at the event dubbed "Pricing Strategy Connected." Pricing...
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Zilliant Demo Series: Next-Gen Price IQ

Large data volumes, product proliferation and massive customer counts make it difficult to provide sales reps with market-aligned prices that win business, while also meeting corporate P&L goals. For...
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The Next Generation of Pricing Science

For the past two decades, Zilliant has set the standard for price optimization in B2B. Read about how Zilliant's Next-Generation Price IQ® powers a unique approach to B2B price optimization and...
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Introducing Next-Generation Price IQ®

Zilliant Price IQ® is the only B2B price optimization solution that can measure price elasticity, enforce rational price relationships, and conduct goal-seeking what-if scenarios. And now it’s gotten...
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