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New eBook: Distributor Digitally Transforms Through Price

Read our new eBook to learn how a leading electrical products distributor modernized its pricing capabilities with Zilliant as part of a long-term, highly strategic digital transformation strategy.
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Why Pricing is a Key Component of Customer Experience

In part two of his examination of customer experience and customer lifetime value, Salesforce’s Frank Borovsky examines the critical role that price has to play, particularly in a new age in which...
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Scaling the Analytical Summit

A deep dive into the analytics revolution happening in B2B and why companies must avoid being hamstrung by the quest for “perfect” data before getting started with advanced data science.
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How Price Elasticity Analysis Drives B2B Profit Growth

There has been significant focus on the elasticity of consumer goods since shopping has rebounded post pandemic, but many companies have yet to tap into the benefits of elasticity analysis in the...
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Pricing Scientist Alex Little

Critical Calculations for Customer Experience in 2023

In part 1 of his CX series, guest blogger Frank Borovsky, vice president of industry sales at Salesforce, explores why not all customers are created equal, and how to determine customer value and...
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What is the Best Pricing Model for B2B eCommerce?

It’s not enough to simply set up a web shop for your customers. B2B buyers expect a consumer-like eCommerce and omnichannel experience, with serious implications and complications for pricing. A...
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