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What is a B2B Pricing Strategy?

Learn what a B2B pricing strategy is, why many go-to pricing strategies are ineffective, and how modern, software-enabled pricing strategies greatly benefit B2B companies in an era of unprecedented...
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Pricing Software: What it is and How it Works

Learn all about B2B pricing software in our comprehensive explainer, including a breakdown of pricing analytics, price management, price optimization, deal management, and price execution...
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Pricing Software: What it is and How it Works

Navigating the Broken Supply Chain

The broken supply chain, and the global economy that flows through it, may never go back to the way things were. B2B companies cannot afford to wait for a return to "normal." They also can't expect...
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What is Rebate Management?

Customer rebate management is the process of creating rebate and other off-invoice incentive programs, enrolling customers in those programs, accruing payments, forecasting profitability, and...
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What is a Real-Time Pricing Engine?

If you are responsible for the P&L or commercial operations performance within your organization, it’s likely that the term “pricing engine” is a familiar one. However, precisely understanding the...
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How to Counteract Inflationary Pressure

Inflation is our new reality. The phenomenon is exacerbated, and in some ways caused by, supply chain turmoil and an inventory shortage.  B2B companies can ill afford to sit idly by and wait for the...
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counteract inflationary pressure

An In-Depth Overview of Pricing Analytics

Pricing analytics is the foundation of any business-to-business pricing strategy, delivering crucial, highly visual, intuitive, and data-driven insight. The analysis of pricing data is essential to...
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What is Deal Management?

Deal management, or agreement management, is the business process of setting, maintaining and renewing customer-specific pricing agreements. This is done in collaboration between a B2B company’s...
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deal management

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic pricing is a well-known term. Yet, if you were to ask 10 pricing experts to define it, you could very well get 10 different answers! Dynamic pricing is important for executive and pricing...
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dynamic pricing

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