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How Global Companies Can Beat Inflation

Runaway inflation is overwhelming B2B pricing teams who still rely on manual processes to set and manage global country price lists. This eBook introduces a better way to respond to inflation and...
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A Candid Sit-Down with Zilliant CEO Greg Peters

Greg Peters has led Zilliant for nearly 20 years as president and chief executive officer. He makes his long-awaited debut on the podcast to tell us why right now is “the most exciting time since...
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The Need for Speed: Overcoming Economic Volatility

Volatility is the new normal state-of-play in B2B. To unpack the best pricing response to protracted economic volatility, we spoke to the man writing the book on it: Holden Advisors Vice President of...
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Industry Roundtable Series: Auto Parts Distribution in 2022

Gene Metheny of Carlisle & Co. joins Zilliant auto and truck parts distribution experts for a wide-ranging panel conversation on the pricing and sales challenges and opportunities in the industry.
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Inflation and Pricing: Time is of the Essence

Four Strategies to Combat Inflationary Pricing Pressures  Whether inflation proves to be a short-term phenomenon or a prolonged reality, B2B companies must react swiftly and wisely. Those who are not...
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