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Getting Change Right

Zilliant Vice President of Customer Success Nathan Rabold returns for his second guest appearance on the podcast, this time going deep on a topic near and dear to his team’s work: effective change...
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Accelerating Value with Effective Change Management

With unprecedented market shifts and changes to way we work, many leaders are apprehensive to enact further changes to commercial processes and decision making. However, adapting and thriving in the...
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How to Be Ready for a Price Optimization Project

Former client and longtime friend of Zilliant Pat Curtin joins host Rick Chappell, senior vice president of services and customer success, to share exciting news about his new pricing consultancy as...
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How Zilliant is Reimagining Customer Success

You may have noticed the new zilliant.com, which showcases a refreshed look-and-feel. However, beyond aesthetics, a driving force behind the new site is our commitment to helping companies reimagine...
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