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What Can I Expect at MindShare Europe 2022? 

Inflation. Stressed inventory. Broken supply chains. Labor shortages. 

The time is now to turn years of disruption into new opportunities. Join us to gain a new perspective on how embracing Intelligent Commerce can lead to predictable, measurable and repeatable margin and revenue growth in your business.  

Digital transformation has been thrust upon your customers, your salespeople, and your industry. Commercial processes must follow suit. However, your bedrock systems – things like ERP, CRM, eCommerce and marketing platforms – are unable to consume, interpret and execute upon ever-increasing data volumes to produce intelligent guidance accurately and quickly enough to satisfy customer demands for real-time, self-service commerce.  

The data science-driven technology is available that can enhance and augment these systems to produce intelligent pricing, sales and commercial guidance in all your commercial systems. In other words, you can get ahead of the digital curve without replacing or customizing the entrenched systems you have invested in.   

At MindShare Europe, you will spend a full day hearing from companies who are powering intelligent commerce with Zilliant. Learn from executive leaders and practitioners how to use your data to deploy commercial strategies more intelligently and effectively execute in all go-to-market channels with world-class AI and data science.   

As companies across every B2B industry strive to reinvent themselves, you don’t want to miss out on the thought leadership, groundbreaking product announcements and customer case studies available at MindShare. Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect…  

Hear from the New Zilliant CEO 

Earlier this month, Zilliant’s longtime leader Greg Peters passed the torch to Pascal Yammine, who was hand-picked to usher in an exciting new era for the company. Yammine will address the MindShare audience to kick off the conference and will be available to meet throughout the day during networking breaks. 

Customer Showcase: 

The highlight of every MindShare conference. Speakers from four Zilliant customers will be on stage throughout the day to share their intelligent commerce journey. Get inspired by innovative use cases and return back to the office with tried-and-true change management strategies. Speakers for this year’s event include representatives from: 

  • Global Pack & Ship Leader 

One of the world’s largest companies has a clear strategy: customer first, people led, innovation driven. In keeping with that strategy, the company embarked on digitizing the customer pricing experience, making it easier for smaller companies to contract with it while simultaneously improving the sales rep experience. Learn how, as part of a multi-year digital transformation journey, the company is partnering with Zilliant to move from a manual pricing process to a new digital platform. With Zilliant’s solution, the company’s sales reps no longer need to submit cumbersome sample data just to get a quote. They can close deals on the spot without internal negotiation with their pricing partners, freeing them up to spend more time selling. 

  • Building Products Wholesaler 

This company sells plumbing, electrical and water supply products and services to a diverse set of B2B and B2C customers. The intricate job of updating, aligning, and delivering prices across its B2B omnichannel and ten B2C web shops is executed daily by a pricing team of two people. Learn how Zilliant price optimization and management software leverages competitor data to drive market-aligned prices while avoiding conflict between their B2B and B2C online channels.  

  • Electronics Wholesaler 

For the leading wholesaler of electrical supplies in Switzerland, its district sales managers own profit-and-loss responsibility and final discount decisions. To meet the company’s margin-growth goals, sales managers needed accurate discount guidance and intuitive analytics to make consistently profitable decisions. In this session, learn how Zilliant Price Manager exposes pricing guidance from the company’s in-house AI model to deliver deal envelopes and embedded key performance indicator analytics for both traditional and web channels.  

  • Stay tuned for additional MindShare Europe agenda updates! 


Zilliant Product Roadmap: 

Zilliant’s product team will demonstrate the new and upcoming products and features available as part of our ever-growing breadth of B2B solutions. Highlights will include discussions and live demos of our new Quick Start program, revenue operations and intelligence solutions, campaign management, price optimization and management, real-time pricing engine and more.  

Thought Leadership from our Guest Speaker: 

In-demand guest speaker Dr. Danilo Zatta will deliver a keynote address at MindShare Europe. Zatta is a leading expert in topline growth who specializes in profit improvement on the revenue side, with extensive experience in pricing.  

Each attendee will receive copies of Zatta’s book, The Pricing Model Revolution. Stay tuned for more details.  

Who Should Attend MindShare Europe:  

  • Executive leaders interested in how B2B companies can deploy more powerful strategies for profitable growth 
  • Pricing managers, analysts, directors that have a hand in day-to-day pricing and strategy 
  • Sales and sales operations leaders concerned with helping reps make smarter selling decisions 
  • Leaders within B2B manufacturing, distribution and service companies 

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