As the B2B world continues to navigate a tumultuous 2020, it’s more important than ever for companies to take control of pricing and sales processes to safeguard against an uncertain future.  

To help you reimagine what it takes to compete and win in this environment, below are two events hosted by Modern Distribution Management and SAP taking place next week. 

SAP Purpose Network Live – July 21, 11 a.m. Eastern 

Three members of the Zilliant leadership team are joining an SAP Purpose Network Live event on Tuesday, July 21, to explore how B2B companies can deploy rational and fair pricing strategies that provide a better customer experience, while maintaining profitability in uncertain recessionary times. 

Join Lindsay Duran, chief marketing officer, Barrett Thompson, general manager of commercial excellence, and Pete Eppele, senior vice president of products and science, as they cover the following topics and more: 

  • Pricing trends in various sectors of manufacturing and distribution during this unprecedented time 
  • Key pricing strategies companies have deployed to cope with the significant market changes 
  • The types of systems and data that need to be in place for faster price response as markets change rapidly 

Our panelists will host a Q&A session to close out the event, so be sure to stick around.  



MDM Sales GPS 2020 – Sales Transformation Roundtable 

Catch Zilliant VP of Sales, Americas Doug Erickson during Tuesday’s Modern Distribution Management Sales Transformation Roundtable, an event focused on how leading distributors are managing the fundamental shift in the sales process brought on by the pandemic. 

Attendees will learn best practices gleaned from experience and research on how to rebuild remote selling teams and create a more effective selling strategy. Organizations are responding to this turmoil by creating sales transformation teams and reengineering the way their sales team is structured and how they price deals. 

Erickson will share how Zilliant is enabling sales transformation by removing blockers from the traditional price-setting process and enabling real-time delivery of price guidance to every sales channel.