[Podcast Episode 7] What is True Cloud-Native and Why Does it Matter for Business Outcomes?

June 23, 2020 Team Zilliant

Download the latest episode of B2B Reimagined to learn how to separate buzz words from business value. Zilliant Chief Technology Officer Shams Chauthani and General Manager of Commercial Excellence Barrett Thompson have a lively chat about cloud-native software: what true cloud-native is, why it’s the best vehicle for modern B2B companies to deliver positive business outcomes and how microservices make the seemingly impossible look easy. 

“(Our microservices approach) is like swapping out the jet engine on the aircraft while you’re flying,” said Thompson. “We put a bigger engine on it and, by the way, the people sitting in rows 10, 11, 12, they’re not going to notice anything. We didn’t take the solution down or have to reconfigure anything for them. We just stood up a more powerful underpinning in one of those layers because of our loose coupling and they were the beneficiaries of that.” 

Chauthani says that level of capability is precisely why Zilliant transformed its product offerings to 100% multi-tenant SaaS nearly a decade ago. “We’re able to create new services and plug them in in parallel with what’s already live and test it out to ensure the customer is comfortable before swapping over,” he said. “That’s impossible in a monolithic world, but it’s a piece of cake in microservices.” 

The pair also dissect why not every “cloud” solution really passes the smell test and give listeners tips on how to uncover the truth behind the marketing. For instance, often times a vendor will take its classic on-premise offering and stand it up on its own hardware instead of the customer’s hardware. This sets up a type of cloud financial model, but not really a true SaaS model. The full benefits of the cloud won’t be available to the customer in cases like this. 

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