[Podcast Episode 12] Modern Distribution Management on Pricing, Selling Trends

August 14, 2020

On this episode of B2B Reimagined, John Gunderson, vice president of sales, analytics, and e-business at Modern Distribution Management (MDM), joins Zilliant CMO Lindsay Duran for a candid conversation about the mounting challenges facing distributors in 2020.

John has both pricing experience at HD Supply and Anixter and knows well the pricing challenges facing distributors amid the unprecedented disruption of COVID-19. Listen in to hear his take on current pricing challenges, including why:

“Uncertainty results in rash and reactive pricing decisions — and we’re seeing a lot of that now in the marketplace.”

Other topics of discussion include:

  • How distributors are faring in these unprecedented times
  • Which commercial trends for pricing and sales are happening in distribution
  • How supply- and demand-side disruption is creating pricing panic
  • How different distribution industry verticals are impacted by COVID-19
  • How differences in geography drastically affect each marketplace
  • What companies are doing to combat the constant downward pricing pressure

Additionally, the conversation will cover why, once you lower prices to a certain floor, it can be hard to bring them back up when this period is over. Other topics include the extreme pricing pressure B2B companies are under, the panic selling trend caused by market distress and exacerbated by remote work and much more. Tune in to learn why now more than ever it’s crucial to put pricing guardrails in place to fight panic with data-driven guidance.

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