[Podcast Episode 11] The Zilliant + Oracle CPQ Roundtable

August 4, 2020 Team Zilliant

“CPQ is a very transaction-focused process, it is less so a decision support-focused application and this is where the partnership with Zilliant really complements and fits with CPQ in a combined solution so well.” 

-       Ellen Beres, Oracle 


It was our pleasure to host three thought leaders from Oracle for a virtual roundtable on the latest episode of the B2B Reimagined podcast. Ellen Beres, senior principal product manager; Neil McHugh, strategic ISV partner manager; and Ekta Paliwal, senior product manager, joined Zilliant Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran for an exploration into the integrated Zilliant-Oracle CPQ solution. 


Oracle CPQ Cloud is a longtime leader in the Configure, Price, Quote application space. When it comes to the “P” in CPQ, Oracle focuses on the price execution and price delivery aspect of a sales transaction. In the highly complex world of B2B, this a crucial part of the pricing function, but it isn’t everything. Equally important are the price setting, price segmentation and price optimization capabilities delivered by Zilliant’s pricing solutions. 


Fused together, we can provide our customers with one holistic solution, from initial price setting through order execution. This roundtable discussion focuses on the power of CPQ and price optimization and management – two of the biggest revenue- and profit-driving levers available to B2B enterprises – and how the tools work together in practice. 


Download or stream the podcast to hear more about: 


-        The rapid growth of CPQ in B2B and the ROI companies have realized 

-        How Oracle CPQ Cloud and Zilliant pricing solutions are differentiated in the market 

-        How the Zilliant-Oracle partnership came together to create a more well-rounded solution for customers 

-        The technical side of the partnership and the ease of integration 

-        How the combined solution elevates pricing personas within a B2B organization 

-        The future of CPQ and pricing 


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