[Podcast Episode 10] The Shifting Role of Sales in a COVID-19 World

July 21, 2020 Team Zilliant

Download the latest episode of B2B Reimagined for an in-depth and wide-ranging conversation on the rapidly changing nature of B2B field sales. Arguably no role has been more affected in the past five months than that of B2B field seller. Per McKinsey, “almost 90 percent of sales have moved to a videoconferencing/phone/web sales model.”

Distribution and manufacturing sales reps who cut their teeth regularly walking shop floors or visiting brick-and-mortal retail customers can no longer get that familiar face-to-face contact. As these staples of B2B sales disappeared overnight, suddenly the line between inside and outside sales became blurry. How can traditional field reps embrace technology to change the way they work while continuing to offer customers the level of service they require?

In this timely episode, Zilliant Director, Product Management Brian Hirt and General Manager of Commercial Excellence Barrett Thompson ponder those questions and others, such as:

  • What unexpected new opportunities are being revealed in this new sales model?
  • How can sales teams identify and close more deals in current customer accounts?
  • How can companies combat surging eCommerce rivals to prevent customer churn?
  • Are pandemic-driven changes here to stay? (Spoiler alert: many are)
  • How is virtual selling like cracking an egg with one hand?

You’ll have to listen to the end to fully grasp that last analogy, but trust us, it’s profound!

Brian has spent nearly a decade managing SaaS-based predictive sales products like Zilliant Sales IQ and studying the behaviors of and challenges faced by B2B sellers. You won’t want to miss his insights on this issue. Tune in today.

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