Join us at MindShare 2023, June 7-9 in Austin, Texas, to hear how the senior director of pricing strategy at a global foodservice distributor embarked on a sales enablement journey with Zilliant that resulted in more than 80% above-floor adoption of Zilliant-generated guidance.

The Recipe for Initiating a New Pricing Culture: 1 Part Science, 1 Part Change Management

A major challenge for distributors across all industries is getting large, seasoned sales teams to trust and adopt price guidance consistently. This was the situation the senior director at a global foodservice distributor found themselves in after joining the company in 2020. A big question lingered: can you change the sales culture without mandating behavior?

The distributor’s pricing culture was mostly margin-based, lacked guidelines, and was low on price discipline. The company realized there was a critical need to deliver science-based price guidance as a first step and engaged Zilliant due to its strong track record in solutions that included both AI and rules-based elements, and experience working with other food distributors.

The distributor eventually implemented Zilliant Price IQ®, but during its initial rollout, another challenge arose: a global pandemic. Fortunately, a Zilliant Customer Success-aided change management effort generated new sales objectives, and Price IQ® facilitated strategic focus during the chaos while enabling an immediate framework for price structure. Ultimately, the distributor grew its margins while many of its competitors struggled.

Attend this session to learn how this distributor achieved a Zilliant-led company-wide pricing culture change and how a rigorous sales enablement journey resulted in more than 80% above-floor adoption of Zilliant-generated guidance.

Please consider joining us at MindShare 2023, June 7-9 in Austin, Texas. You’ll have the opportunity to hear firsthand how this foodservice distributor enables its sales team with Zilliant-powered science and change management, as well as hear many additional customer case studies. Click here to learn more and register today!