For the senior manager of customer engagement at a global auto parts distributor, the gap between sales tools and the intelligence they provide hampered sales strategy execution. At MindShare 2022 you will hear how Zilliant Sales IQ™ and Campaign Manager™ closed the gap and accelerated revenue growth.

MindShare Preview: Accelerating Sales Through Flexible, Targeted Campaigns 

In auto parts distribution, an industry driven by sales-led customer relationships, it’s critical that each sales rep knows the specific actions to take each day that will grow revenue. That, of course, is easier said than done in this complex industry. Large product and customer counts pair with fierce competition and quickly changing market dynamics to create a complex environment that makes it difficult for reps to know precisely where their time is best spent.   

B2B sales organizations have made significant investments in CRM and other sales enablement tools yet enabling intelligent actions for reps continues to be elusive. But what is the driving force behind the disconnect? Consider this from “The Forrester Wave™: Revenue Operations and Intelligence, Q1 2022”: 

“Over the last 10 years, B2B sales organizations have amassed many varied point solutions to solve individual challenges across the sales process, with mixed results in terms of adoption, value, and cost efficiency.” Further, “reps need guidance on what deals to prioritize and the next best actions to take to make progress on those deals, and managers need to know where to focus their coaching.”

Certainly, the gap between sales tools and the intelligence they provide is wide and growing.   

For the senior manager of customer engagement at a global auto parts distributor, this disconnect was quite real. With a disparate tool set, it was impossible to perform meaningful analysis or deliver insights. As such, it was difficult for sales reps to have meaningful and comprehensive customer discussions around the brands and products they should be buying. Over time, the sales reps learned to use the home-grown tools as best as possible and relied on their personal expertise to grow customer accounts. However, it was clear the broader organization required a better system that could provide a single source of truth and deliver targeted and prioritized actions to sales reps. 

Ultimately, they chose Zilliant Sales IQ™ and Campaign Manager™ to bridge the disconnect between strategy and execution. Sales IQ™ uses data science to uncover incremental opportunities to grow revenue. The team was confident it would provide the valuable, accurate, and actionable intel they needed to provide to sales. Campaign Manager™ ─ a management application designed to translate strategy into action ─ was leveraged to take them to the next level of targeted execution, quickly deploying strategic campaigns to win-back lost business and support marketing-driven sales growth initiatives.  

Today, this auto parts distributor has transformed its sales enablement process into a source of revenue intelligence for management and reps alike. This has resulted in the rapid decrease in time between idea and execution of sales growth strategies while providing unprecedented levels of insights – in terms of which strategies to pursue and closed-loop tracking to determine revenue impact.  

If accelerating sales through targeted, actionable campaigns could add value to your organization, please consider joining us at MindShare 2022, June 13-15 in Austin, Texas. You’ll have the opportunity to hear firsthand how this auto parts distributor changed the game as well as hear many additional case studies on how B2B companies have worked with Zilliant to Power Intelligent Commerce. Visit to learn more and register today!