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MindShare Europe 2022 is coming to Barcelona on 15 November. The annual event is rich with innovative customer stories; preview two of those stories in this blog post and be sure to register while there’s still time!

Creating a Frictionless Customer and Sales Experience 

As its sheer scale and business complexity outpaced its customer price agreement management capabilities, a global pack and ship leader came to a key decision point. The company’s stated corporate strategy is clear: customer-first, people-led, innovation-driven. But the quoting and contracting process was difficult and painful for both its customers and its sales reps. 

To stay true to its strategy, company leaders brought in Zilliant to transform its approach to pricing, making it easier for small businesses to contract with it while improving the sales rep experience. 

The company prioritized deal management and pricing improvements as key components of a multi-year digital transformation strategy. After a scrupulous evaluation process, company leaders chose Zilliant to be the company’s next-generation pricing partner.  

Attend MindShare Europe to learn how Zilliant Deal Manager completely revamped the price agreement process, allowing sales reps to streamline quoting. Now, they can spend more time selling and less time on internal price negotiation. 

How Discount Guidance and Impact Analysis Powers More Profitable Pricing Decisions 

The leading wholesaler of electrical supplies in Switzerland is on a journey to untether critical business processes from its legacy ERP system. One of the pillars of this digital transformation is a better approach to managing discounts.  

District sales managers at the company own the profit-and-loss responsibility and thus the final discount decisions. Rather than forcing sales reps to key each discount manually into ERP with little decision guidance, the company wanted to be able to incorporate price guidance from its in-house AI model to give reps discount guardrails complete with transparent analytics that show the KPI impact. 

The distributor selected Zilliant Price Manager to simulate the impact of price changes, validate and set discounts, and replace ERP with a more intuitive, user-friendly system of price management. Price Manager exposes pricing guidance from the AI model to deliver deal envelopes and embedded analytics. This empowers sales managers to make more profitable discount decisions for both traditional and web channels, while removing a major administrative burden. 

Hear firsthand how the company’s pricing and business process management leader is managing this major change and how she plans to replace the ERP quoting process with Zilliant Deal Manager in the next project phase.  

If your company could benefit from enhanced deal management and visual price analytics, please consider joining us at MindShare Europe 2022, 15 November in Barcelona, Spain. You’ll have the opportunity to hear firsthand how these companies and others have worked with Zilliant to Power Intelligent Commerce.

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