MindShare 2021: Frequently Asked Questions

April 13, 2021 Team Zilliant

With just about a month to go before MindShare 2021 and registrations coming in at a record pace, we wanted to share the answers to some frequently asked questions about this year’s event. We’ve consolidated them here in this post, but always feel free to contact us at any time with any additional queries. 


Q. Why should I attend MindShare? 

Digital commerce is accelerating at a pace few could have imagined before the pandemic, potentially altering the role of B2B sales forever. Customers demand dynamic, real-time pricing across every channel, yet pricing triggers such as competitive prices, demand shocks, inflationary pressures and cost fluctuations are relentless. By attending MindShare, you get insider access to B2B leaders who will share how they have transformed their business and continue to build resiliency against future disruption. It’s truly become the can’t-miss B2B pricing and sales event. 

Q. What can I expect to learn? 

When it comes to B2B commercial excellence, no stone will be left unturned. Hear how Zilliant customers are automating formerly strenuous pricing processes, leveraging advanced AI and data science to deliver the right price, at the right time, in the right channel. Customer stories will also share how to empower sales teams with real-time, actionable guidance to close more deals more profitably and aligning business strategy to sales execution. 

You will learn the latest software innovations and techniques to deliver a B2C-like customer experience. From pricing and sales insights to campaign execution to quoting and lightning-fast API integration, you will leave armed to tackle any commercial challenge. 

Q. How much does it cost to register? 

Registration is free, and no travel is required. We only ask for your valuable time, so we’ve spread out the virtual event over three two-hour days to accommodate schedules. 

Q. Does the conference start on May 12 or May 18? 

The main event is May 18-20, but for the first time we are offering a “Get to Know Zilliant” session the week prior, on May 12. 

Q. What’s this “Get to Know Zilliant” session all about? 

Think of it as a crash course in Zilliant solutions. We recommend those who are less familiar with Zilliant attend this session to learn about how we approach intricate B2B pricing, sales and commercial challenges with a unique blend of data science, superior software and extra-mile customer success investment. 

We will share our approach to understanding each customers' discrete business challenges, our deep industry vertical expertise, and how the Zilliant Customer Success team acts as a strategic partner to reimagine digital commerce and accelerate results. This session is meant to provide a rock-solid foundation before the next week’s customer presentations, product demonstrations and breakouts. 

Q. Is there a general theme to this year’s event? 

In 2021, it’s time to Reimagine Digital Commerce and Accelerate Results. B2B companies must be equipped with technology that provides a consumer-like experience to succeed in today’s environment. That means offering a compelling, consistent buying experience across every customer touchpoint. It also means delivering market-aligned prices, product recommendationspersonalization and targeted promotions, faster than ever before. Digital commerce can be extremely challenging in the highly negotiated and tailored world of B2B; join us to learn how we’re helping B2B companies scale AI across their complex businesses to achieve consistency and growth with confidence.  

Q. Will the sessions be interactive? 

Each customer showcase, product presentation and breakout session will have time built in for question-and-answer, with chat functionality open throughout the sessions so attendees can submit questions at any time. 

Q. Where can I find the conference agenda? 

The full agenda is available here. 

Q. How much of the conference will be customer-driven versus Zilliant and partner-driven? 

There will be an even split of customer-led, Zilliant-led and partner-led content over the three conference days. Days one and two feature a total of three customer sessions, led by TW Metalsalphabroder and Signature Flight Support. The first two days kick off with in-depth Zilliant product updates and demonstrations. 

Day three is dedicated to breakout sessions from strategic partners and Zilliant thought leaders. 

Q. I’m a Zilliant customer. Can I expect major product announcements? 

You’ve become accustomed to our regular product updates that are pushed instantaneously to clients throughout the year thanks to our cloud-native architecture. But it wouldn’t be MindShare without some headline-grabbing product announcements, including major enhancements to existing products and new product offerings. 

Q. Will tacos be provided? 

Not this year but keep an eye out for a special announcement about an Austin-based MindShare 2022! 

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