MindShare 2021 Customer Showcase: Moving Inventory & Converting Lost Quotes

April 27, 2021 Team Zilliant

MindShare, the leading B2B pricing and sales conference, is taking place virtually on May 18-20. One of the main reasons B2B professionals attend is to hear how their peers overcame complex business challenges with innovative technology and by changing the way they work. As part of a series of presentation previews, here’s a peek at what one of our customers, thyssenkrupp Copper and Brass Sales, will cover in the customer showcase.

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Matthew Knaggs

thyssenkrupp Copper and Brass Sales Commercial Relationship Manager

As a global metals distributor, we at thyssenkrupp always strive to be the customer’s first choice for materials and services. To accomplish this, we need to put our sales team in the best possible position to provide excellent service to customers. We serve a wide range of customers across various market segments. There’s a good chance you encounter the products we sell every day. 

This means there are many product applications and disparate customer needs to account for. Raw material cost fluctuation, price volatility and a high-volume quoting environment also make the seller’s job increasingly difficult. Up until recently, we attempted to manage all this complexity manually. This meant that various and often conflicting sales campaigns were pushed out the door via spreadsheets to each individual sales rep. These reports took a long time to build out and we had no meaningful way to track whether sales reps were taking action on the guidance, or how successful these efforts ultimately were.  

With AI-derived insights from Zilliant Sales IQ® powering Zilliant Campaign Manager™ actions, we no longer experience death by spreadsheet. Campaign Manager uses these customer and product insights and automates campaigns with a high level of flexibility. Two specific use cases really drove our decision to adopt CM, and these will be the focus of my MindShare presentation.

Join me to learn how we are driving revenue and sales efficiency by moving excess customer-specific inventory and turning unconverted quotes into net-new won business.

There’s still time to register for MindShare 2021!


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