MindShare 2020 Sneak Peek: How Williams Scotsman Attained Rate Guidance Adoption

March 3, 2020 Team Zilliant

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, it has unfortunately become necessary to postpone MindShare. The health and safety of our employees, attendees and the community are of the utmost importance to us. We are in the process of confirming a new date for our annual customer conference and will share more details as soon as possible.


MindShare, the leading B2B pricing and sales conference, takes place April 20-22 in Austin, Texas. B2B professionals from a wide range of distribution, manufacturing and services industries attend each year to see their peers present how they overcame complex business challenges by reimagining what’s possible with innovative technology. As part of a series of presentation previews, here’s a peek at what one of our customers, Williams Scotsman, will be sharing on the main stage.

Williams Scotsman Director of Pricing & Business Intelligence Bob Bean:

When I take the stage at MindShare 2020, I intend to share the kind of price optimization story I wish I had heard when we were just starting out. It’s a journey, and a fruitful one, but organizational discipline is a must.

Williams Scotsman’s journey took a number of twists and turns. The company first signed up with Zilliant in 2015, then acquired two companies over the next three years. One of those companies, the one I came from, also used Zilliant for price optimization. We had to make some critical decisions quickly…

  • Which company’s model would we use?
  • What is the best practice for merging three firms’ transaction data into a single model?
  • How best to roll out the new combined model to a large sales team?

In addition to these questions, we had to optimize prices/rates for three distinct lines of business: Building Rental, Essentials, and Delivery & Installation. To be successful, Williams Scotsman’s pricing team had to provide rationally aligned and optimized prices both between similar products and across lease terms. Plus, it had to be done in a way that convinced sales reps to trust the price guidance.

Join me at MindShare to hear how we emphasized change management to tackle both business and technological hurdles. I’ll share lessons learned that are sure to be valuable to anyone who’s embarking on the price optimization journey.

There’s still time to register for MindShare 2020.

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Zilliant MindShare is Cancelled due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Zilliant MindShare is Cancelled due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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