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October 13, 2020 Team Zilliant

Preview MindShare 2020 Zilliant Customer Stories

MindShare, the leading B2B pricing and sales conference, is taking place virtually across three days in concise two-hour sessions on October 27, 28 and 29. One of the main reasons B2B professionals attend year after year is to listen to their peers describe how they overcame complex business challenges with innovative technology and effective change management. Here is a preview of the topics our customer speakers will be covering this year. View the full agenda here.


Food Service Company Embarks on a Multi-Country Pricing Transformation

Leading off our lineup of customer speakers is the director digitalization and pricing at a major European delivery, distribution and cash-and-carry company. As the company’s delivery service business grew, its pricing became increasingly complex and, while revenue expanded, gross margin tended to lag. Like most B2B companies, it realized that pricing was the primary source of both margin leakage and potential opportunity to take the business to the next level.

Working closely with Zilliant, the company leveraged advanced price optimization and price management strategies to deploy personalized prices to customers in select countries. Having proven out the value in those regions, the next step was to develop a strategic framework covering each channel across every country the company does business in.

In this session, you will learn how a new pricing paradigm gets established, standardized and rolled out in a phased multi-country approach. Achieving growth and profitability, consistently, is the objective for any B2B organization. Find out how this food service business is making it a reality.

Food Producer Blends Art and Science to Continuously Evolve its Pricing

Next up is a global food producer who faces raw material cost volatility, cycles of under- and over-supply and data sparsity in its business. Further complicating the company’s pricing practices are a diverse set of products offered, global versus regional pricing differences and forward curves that can make price-setting a guessing game. Attendees will hear from the company’s strategic pricing leader how these factors combine to make segmentation extremely difficult, leading to a necessarily outside-the-box approach to optimization.

Her presentation focuses on the importance of flexibility in a pricing software solution, as well as a willing partner who can get creative to solve non-traditional optimization problems. She started by interviewing product managers to understand how value is driven in the business, then worked with Zilliant to tie that value back into the segmentation model and price build process.

Join this session to learn why the only way to be great at pricing is continuous innovation within a flexible pricing model.

How an Electronic Components Distributor Discovered the Next Frontier of Sales Enablement

Kicking off day three of MindShare is the director, regional business operations at a global electronic components distributor. He will describe the hurdles faced by salespeople in the organization that can only be alleviated by data-driven analytical tools. With massive SKU counts and large account portfolios, it’s impossible to be an expert on every product in the catalog or to consistently offer the right products to every customer. Additionally, distributors in the industry face a high rate of churn every year, and it’s difficult to identify when a customer begins to defect.

Tune in to hear how this long-time Zilliant customer equipped sales reps with guidance to make better pricing and sales decisions to enable more productive conversations with customers.

You will hear about the benefits realized by both brand-new and seasoned sales reps at the company, and how all reps have made a smoother transition to remote sales during the pandemic thanks to Zilliant guidance.

Plastics Distributor Builds Commercial Excellence

Closing out this year’s MindShare is the marketing and pricing director at a leading plastics distributor, who will explain why pricing transformation is a team sport. This company’s leadership team understood that pricing is the number one profit lever available to them, which led to a cross-functional effort to assess current pricing practices and establish a roadmap for an optimal future. Their discovery phase showed three areas that were ripe for reimagining – price setting, price execution and price monitoring.

The company needed price management tools to help them set prices guided by fact-based decisions that were accurate, granular and consistent across their many sales channels. In order to get these prices out to market quickly, the company’s deal management solution needed to be efficient and collaborative with full support for approval workflows and closed-loop reporting. Finally, an intuitive visual analytics system would be vital to understanding how prices impact business performance while quickly providing feedback on which prices need to move.

Attend to learn why Zilliant was selected as the trusted partner for these efforts, and how stakeholders across the organization have embraced pricing transformation.

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