The Masquerade of “Modern” Cloud Pricing Solutions

March 27, 2019 Team Zilliant

The Masquerade of “Modern” Cloud Pricing Solutions
Why Your Pricing and Sales Solutions Must Be Built on a Multi-Tenant SaaS Platform

In today’s pricing environment, you can’t throw an iPhone without hitting a software rep that’s selling a transformative elixir for all of your industry’s unique problems, in the form of a modern cloud solution. 
But we’d urge you to dig a little deeper on those claims, specifically down to the technology platform layer.
What you’ll likely learn is the software provider you’re talking to is one of two things:
  1. A start-up with limited resources or capabilities developed around just a handful of customer engagements.  
  2. An established vendor whose solution is a patchwork of legacy software and acquired solutions loosely connected through a similar user interface, hosted in a colocated space.
What’s truly rare is an established vendor that has taken the bold step to completely rearchitect its pricing and sales solutions to fit the digital economy. At Zilliant, we have achieved this by developing our solutions in a consistent and modern multi-tenant SaaS architecture.
We use a component-based approach to ensure our solutions continually incorporate best-of-breed technology. Our scalable and configurable technology platform delivers both individually-tailored solutions and rapid release of new features for all of our customers simultaneously. 
In this whitepaper you will learn how outdated technologies often masquerade as “modern” through marketing spin and packaging tactics. That supposedly transformational pricing solution might be built on a shaky foundation of older codebases originally developed for use on a dedicated server.
We’ll explain in detail why the pricing and sales solution you choose needs to be fully architected for the modern digital era. This whitepaper pays particular attention to how older-technology solutions are:
  1. Difficult to customize and upgrade
  2. Slow to improve
  3. Provide limited integration with other systems
These three limitations are crippling in today’s digital environment. Technology innovations continue to accelerate and the digital economy requires businesses to adapt at a frenetic pace. In addition to a vendor’s commercial model and product capabilities, it’s essential to seriously consider the technology, flexibility and adaptability of its platform. 
Zilliant recognized this necessity years ago and continues to invest in a modern, scalable and secure multi-tenant SaaS platform.
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