Today, we are excited to announce Zilliant Rebate Management, the latest addition to our industry-leading, cloud-native pricing and sales software capabilities. The new capability solves a ubiquitous challenge facing B2B manufacturers, distributors and services companies, all of whom offer various forms of off-invoice incentive programs to their customers. The rebate process tends to be highly manual, and the time lapse between rebate agreement and payout creates complexity for multiple departments within an organization. 

Zilliant’s end-to-end solution simplifies and optimizes rebate management for pricing, finance, accounting and sales functions by moving the rebate management process out of manual tools and into the flexible, cloud-native Zilliant Price Manager solution.  

Price Manager now enables users to define and publish rebate programs, simulate forward-looking program effectiveness, optimize rebate programs, run accruals, track rebate payments due, and perform backward-looking waterfall analysis to measure the profit impact of past rebate programs.  

Zilliant’s Rebate Management solution is further enhanced with the capabilities of Zilliant Campaign Manager and Zilliant Deal Manager. Campaign Manager can be used to quickly notify sales reps of opportunities in which accounts are approaching rebate thresholds, delivering specific actions and talk tracks to incentivize additional sales. 

Deal Manager provides sales teams with visibility and control of each off-invoice program. Sales reps gain access to rebate-tracking visuals for each account, and can enroll customers in rebate programs, modify customer-specific rebate terms and create simple rebate programs. This powerful application also enables users to link customer-specific rebates to existing and new customer agreements.  

Rebate Management Resources 

To learn more about B2B rebate management and how Zilliant is innovating around it, dive into the following links: 

What is Rebate Management? 

Get up to speed on everything you need to know about customer rebate management: the value of rebates, the risks inherent in manual program management, and the opportunities to drive higher revenues and more brand loyalty … when rebates are streamlined and optimized.  

Streamline Rebate Management Across Pricing, Sales and Finance 

In August, Zilliant Product Management Director Brian Hirt and Zilliant Senior Vice President of Products & Science Pete Eppele walked through rebate management use cases for each key stakeholder inside a B2B company. Learn about the pain points each role faces and take in a live demo of the purpose-built Rebate Management solution from Zilliant. 

Why Intelligent Rebate Management is a Game-Changer 

Every B2B company offers rebates or other off-invoice credits in some form or fashion, because they are a great way to incentivize customer behavior and drive loyalty in your brand. But they also tend to create massive headaches for accounting, sales, pricing and product management teams due to the disjointed and cumbersome status quo of manual rebate management. In this episode of B2B ReimaginedZilliant Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran interviews Brian Hirt about a better path forward. 

Listen to the podcast: 

b2b reimaginedb2b reimaginedb2b reimagined

Learn more about Zilliant's Rebate Management solution and read executive commentary in  today’s announcement.