[Infographic] AI-Based Sales Intelligence Helps Drive Profitable Growth

September 4, 2018

Man and woman in warehouse driving profitable growth AI-based sales intelligence.Incorrectly dealing with complexity growth can extract a terrible toll on your business. Just 11 percent1 of public companies with more than $500 million in assets end up becoming value creators long term. It’s not uncommon for a B2B company to have hundreds of thousands of products and tens of thousands of customers, an environment where complexity can significantly hinder profitable growth.

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI)-based sales intelligence can help your company manage the avalanche of data and increase your data-driven profitability. Increasingly, companies are electing to use sales intelligence to overcome this complexity and drive growth. Early adopters will see the highest return on investment from AI-based sales intelligence efforts.

The global industrial manufacturer in this infographic utilized AI to overcome the complexity challenge that was facing their organization. The sales intelligence data garnered from Zilliant's analysis led to a sustainable increase in growth for the firm. A significant benefit that a member of the sales team described was the fact that, "Sales reps have very clear reasons to contact a customer, with very clear messages.”

The Challenge

The organization described in this infographic was facing a number of challenges. Customer churn was increasing and poor sales technology adoption was widespread. These issues, combined with limited internal resources and ineffective sales processes was limiting profitability.

The Solution

Zilliant was able to provide AI-based sales guidance with Sales IQTM. This support included identifying account-specific growth and recovery opportunities.  Zilliant was also able to help the firm utilize closed-loop measurement of sales activity and result which helped lead to a streamlined sales process for the company.

The Takeaway

The industry-leader described in this infographic was able to embrace an agile process for implementation. Having a clear vision of where the company needed to be was integral. The company reached their goals by using a series of steps in their audit- the method was to start, systemize and scale. The company was able to divide their process into manageable components. This process-segmentation helped them get to market faster and boosted their valuation.

To view the specific details of how this large company was able to use AI-Based Sales Intelligence to start, systemize, and scale their process download the infographic.

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