How to Use AI in B2B: Increase Sales Rep Confidence

September 25, 2018

People in conference room for Mindshare 2018: Part 3 on AI software best practicesIn the “How to Use AI in B2B” blog series we’ve covered how company leaders use AI for critical moments of customer contact and to enable nimble response to changing market dynamics. In today’s post, we’ll share what our customers had to say on the topic of driving confidence with sales reps, as heard at MindShare 2018.

AI-Driven Guidance & Change Management Drives Confidence with Sales

In many organizations, sales teams are the gatekeepers to customer interactions. If sales teams don’t trust the insights, adoption will fall flat. Here are a few of my favorite tips heard at the conference around gaining sales team buy-in around AI-driven guidance:

  • “We discuss the Sales IQ guidance monthly with sales managers. By doing so, we learned how to deliver simple, intuitive graphics to the team without an overkill of information. Now, the sales team trusts that they are receiving the largest opportunities that are most likely to close and that has built confidence that it really works.”


  • “We had sales involved early to instill confidence in the AI-driven guidance. They saw first-hand that each price recommendation was fine-tuned to the geography, customers, product, and packaging, and other factors. Now, they trust that Price IQ guidance is the right range of prices for each unique deal.”


  • “When we first launched, there was a lot of resistance from sales. We worked hard to refine our own data and to communicate that their actions are informing our decisions on pricing. The more we communicated, the better the data, the better the adoption.”


  • “We demonstrated how the guidance was based on the actual deals of similar reps and customers. Initially, adoption was low, but we were deliberate in answering sales’ questions about how the model works. Now, the conversations are around how the guidance helped sales reps. The sharing of testimonials has helped build confidence.”

Key Takeaway:  Leading B2B companies don’t take a plug-and-play approach to AI. They work closely with end-users and clearly communicate how the model works, they share testimonials of wins in the field, and they take a closed-loop approach to feedback. 

Want to hear case studies like this firsthand? Mark your calendars for MindShare 2019:

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