How to Use AI in B2B: Choose Vendors Entrenched in the Unique Dynamics of your Business

October 2, 2018

This is a testIn this, the final post of our “How to Use AI in B2B” series, we’ll discuss the importance of selecting vendors that are entrenched in the unique dynamics of your business. At MindShare 2018, our valued customers took the time to share their own case studies of success deploying the Zilliant IQ Platform in their B2B businesses.

Join us at one of our future events, where we’ll be uncovering more actionable insights for you to put into practice and achieve profitable growth:

MindShare Europe, 24-25 October 2018

MindShare North America, May 14-16, 2019

How to Use AI in B2B: Choose Vendors Entrenched in the Unique Dynamics of Your Business

At Zilliant, we pride ourselves on our ability to intimately understand the inner-workings of each unique customer. We pair that with decades of in-house expertise to deliver the best solution that addresses the unique dynamics of each customers’ business. At MindShare 2018, we were delighted to see that our customers overwhelmingly agree:

  • “Zilliant is a valued partner; we really liked the diagnostic findings. The Zilliant team interviewed senior leadership to understand our long-term strategy and goals. They came back with great optics on seven to eight areas where we could reduce costs and standardize a lot of what we do. Zilliant instilled a deep trust in us that they had our best interests in mind, they sought to understand our business, and that’s the key differentiator for us the trust that we felt and still have with Zilliant as a partner.”


  • “Our perspective is this:  What if you had the best person (sales analyst, pricing analyst, account penetration rep, gross profit manager, etc.) evaluate every single relationship and recommend action every day what impact could that have? We work with sales reps to validate the feedback through that lens, and now we consider Zilliant to be our expert sales analyst.”

Key Takeaway:  Leaders in AI deployment choose vendors that take the time to thoroughly understand their business from a strategy and data perspective.

Thank you to our valued customers for sharing their experiences! We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.

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