intelligent commerce

The next frontier of Zilliant innovation is here, and we’re blazing the trail by powering intelligent commerce for B2B companies through cloud-native pricing and sales software.  

Power Intelligent Commerce by Connecting Commercial Strategies with Effective Execution 

Zilliant pioneered AI-based price optimization and sales effectiveness solutions; our 100% cloud-native platform, active since 2012, has been foundational to our leadership position in the market as has our prescriptive sales analytics solution, Sales IQ, which was launched in the same year. Price IQ, our flagship price optimization solution, has been enabling profitable growth for B2B companies for more than 20 years. In the last three years, we’ve added price management and deal management to our solution set to help customers automate burdensome pricing and agreement management tasks. 

Our solution set has evolved through continuous innovation to meet B2B needs across the pricing and sales spectrum, in all channels and in real-time. We work closely with our customers to deploy their commercial strategies more intelligently by applying world-class AI to their data, leveraging pricing and sales expertise, and delivering data-driven insights via highly scalable software. Paired with our passion for customer success, Zilliant customers can successfully execute commercial strategies, respond to changing market conditions faster and more effectively, grow profitably, and gain a strategic competitive advantage.  

Intelligent commerce means equipping your internal teams – pricing roles, field sellers, inside sales reps, call centers, executives, product and marketing roles, and sales operations – with precise information and instantaneous actionable insights to reach margin and revenue goals. It also means providing a best-in-class customer experience that vaults your omnichannel presence to the highest levels of competitiveness in a rapidly digitizing market.   

“Our 100% cloud-native SaaS platform has a proven track record of success in helping our customers to deploy their commercial strategies and use their data more intelligently,” said Zilliant President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Peters. “Rapid innovation to solve the breadth of pricing and commercial challenges our customers face is foundational to Zilliant. Today, I’m thrilled to unveil the next generation of solutions to power intelligent commerce.” 

These next-gen solutions, which will be announced formally this week at Zilliant MindShare 2021, include: 

Next-generation Price IQ® 

We’ve innovated upon Price IQ once again, making the most robust, AI-based price optimization solution in the market even stronger. The results are significantly faster optimization run times, enhanced elasticity predictions and a multivariate model that considers loss data, competitive data and win-only data.  

New rebate management capabilities  

Customers can now leverage Zilliant solutions to set up, manage and calculate accruals, enroll customers in rebate programs, and proactively push customer-specific rebate actions to salespeople and measure the impact with closed-loop tracking. 

Combat inflation with Price Manager™ 

Customers can use new purpose-built features within our leading price management software to respond more effectively to increasing inflationary pressures.  

BYOS (Bring your own science!) 

Our customers can use Jupyter notebooks to infuse their own data science model directly into Zilliant’s price optimization and prescriptive sales solutions, and to build SmartApps on the Zilliant IQ Platform® for a wide range of ancillary commercial challenges. 

Real-Time Market Pricing 

Already ahead of the game in terms of real-time pricing, Zilliant customers can take advantage of the latest innovations which extend the capabilities to enable automated dynamic pricing in response to market triggers such as competitive price moves, changing inventory positions and real-time cost changes. 

Enhanced integration capabilities 

We’ve extended our solutions to provide seamless delivery of pricing and sales guidance to ERP, CRM, eCommerce and CPQ systems in real-time via integration and native connectors. 

Be sure to catch these announcements and more today and tomorrow at the Zilliant product team’s MindShare sessions. You’ll learn why, as Senior Vice President of Products and Science Pete Eppele puts it: “At our core is an undisputed leadership position in data science and AI.” 

Contact us to learn more about how Zilliant powers intelligent commerce.