How to Overcome the Price Exception Quagmire

August 16, 2016

Join us on Thursday, September 8, for a Professional Pricing Society-hosted webinar, presented by Zilliant General Manager of Pricing Excellence Barrett Thompson. 

When it comes to price exception requests, what used to be a trickle has now become a flood. Two decades ago in much of B2B, initial mechanisms were introduced to permit exception pricing for the few cases which truly deserved it. Today, it seems like each and every customer, or possibly each and every order, requires a unique price. For some pricing professionals, this means a long queue of price approvals that never seems to reach an end. This costly and cumbersome process is often accepted as “just the way it is,” but it’s time to question the conventional thinking.

Where did the pricing process go so wrong? More importantly, how can companies respond to their huge volume of price exception requests in ways that actually reduce the workload on the pricing team and give them more time for truly strategic pricing initiatives?

On Thursday, September 8, Zilliant General Manager of Pricing Excellence Barrett Thompson will reveal what leading B2B companies are doing to tackle this problem. Below are some key takeaways attendees can look forward to:

  • What the key is to significantly reducing the number of pricing exception requests.
  • How a shift in pricing approach can improve operational execution.
  • Who in your company has an interest in reducing exception requests.
  • How to deliver tailored prices up-front that are aligned with customer expectations.
  • Where you might strategically apply your pricing efforts once requests decrease.

The presentation will include real-world case studies of industrial B2B companies that leveraged internal stakeholders and deal-specific price guidance to reduce pricing exception requests and drive operational improvements while holding volume steady.

Before the webinar, brush up and listen to a recording of Barrett’s last PPS webinar, the Hidden Costs of Poor Pricing. In it, you’ll hear firsthand how to measure the hidden costs of poor pricing in your business, namely time spent on manual approvals, with this recording of Barrett Thompson's Professional Pricing Society-hosted webinar.

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