How Price Optimization Fueled a Business Model Shift and Omnichannel Pricing Strategy

November 7, 2019 Team Zilliant

MindShare Europe, the leading conference on B2B pricing and sales, is taking place on 13 November in Paris, France. One of the main reasons B2B professionals attend is to watch their peers on stage discussing how they overcame complex business challenges with innovative technology and by changing the way they work. As part of a series of presentation previews, here’s a peek at what one of our customers, a Food Service Distributor, will be sharing on the main stage.

Our key route to market as a company has long been our B2C Cash & Carry business, but in recent years we built a B2B food service distribution (FSD) arm that is growing rapidly. In the early stages, when the B2B side was low-revenue, we simply picked up orders from our Cash & Carry stores’ inventory and sold them to customers with simple rule-of-thumb pricing.

It became evident that we were outgrowing this model rather quickly. We opened separate distribution centers for the FSD business to run more smoothly from a logistics perspective. But we noticed as revenue grew, we had a margin problem. No longer could we rely on manual analysis or cost-plus pricing to meet our profitable growth goals.

Enter Zilliant. They showed us how their price optimization solution could handle both our B2B and B2C needs concurrently. Through price elasticity measurement and micro-segmentation, Zilliant helps us set the right market-aligned prices, while their visual analytics and Strategy Interface help us govern and control price performance.

We created a new centralized pricing department to manage omnichannel business with a scientific pricing approach. Come to our session to understand how this new way of working has led to sustained profitable growth for both the Cash & Carry and FSD lines of business.

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