As we approach the end of an unexpectedly overwhelming and at times exhausting year, the Thanksgiving holiday gives us a chance to take a collective breath and reflect on the positives. We asked some of our Zilliant colleagues about the things they’ve experienced in 2020 that have made them grateful on a business or personal level.  

Here is what they had to say… 

Thomas Delloye - Director of Business Solutions Consulting 

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The year 2020 brought the unexpected, challenging, worrying situation we all know. As extensive travels stopped and lockdowns were decided, we had to slow down and were forced to look at what matters most: family, health, rewarding job, quality time. Let’s be thankful for rediscovering what matters most in our lives. 

Alexandre Babey - Regional Sales Director 

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I’m thankful to work in an organization filled with so many smart and passionate individuals, who keep innovating for and with customers to deliver business results. 

Prachi Munde - Director, Customer Success Science 

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This year, I’m especially grateful for all of my work colleagues. They do a fantastic job anyway, but with this weird year, I’ve been blown away by how responsive and cooperative they have been! I’ve never felt like it was a disadvantage being at home because the work continued at the same pace. I miss the group interactions, but I can see everyone is trying to stay upbeat and positive.   

I’d also like to mention our Product Management team, since they’ve done a stellar job of churning out new features, and that enables us to continue to deliver high quality work for our customers. I’ve seen Zilliant grow so much over the years and each year is better than the last. 

I’m really stoked about what next year is going to bring (including a COVID-19 vaccine so I can see everybody again 😊)! 

Tim Powers - Director of Business Development 

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The two things I’m most grateful for are good fortune and good business, both of which can change lives. The impact of the pandemic is startling – from crippled industries to profound illness, people all over the world are losing their jobs, their loved ones and their lives. Thanks to good fortune, my family is healthy and the company I work for is thriving. Thanks to good business, Zilliant continues to innovate, grow and help our customers make better, faster, more profitable decisions. What’s the end result? Lives are changed, jobs are created, and we feel something not everyone is feeling right now – secure. 

Alex Wilkerson - Customer Success Manager 

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For Thanksgiving 2020, I am thankful for our customers. Our customer relationships are the most important ones for us at Zilliant, and we always want to make sure they are successful. Especially in the past year, we have all worked together in a different capacity and I’m thankful that we have continued our work without disruption. I have appreciated how together we have adjusted to remote working sessions and periodic business reviews while maintaining the same or higher level of productivity during these strange times! While an abundance of Microsoft Teams meetings can be tiring, we appreciate our customers during this time and the technology that allows us to do this. We continue to discuss ways to improve adoption of the system to maximize benefit and I’m looking forward to finalizing our 2021 success plans. I wish each of our customers a happy holiday! 

Claire Officer - Executive Admin 

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How things have changed in the 15 years that I have sat proudly at the front desk of Zilliant. When I joined Zilliant my fourth and youngest child was only eight years old. She is now a mother herself and I am a Nanny to my very adorable grandson Kingsten James. My family has grown right alongside Zilliant. We have welcomed rather a lot of new babies to the Zilliant family over the years. Some are now teenagers, but how can that be? I am still the same age as when I joined all those years ago! 

The reason I stay is because I love the people I work with and I love the adult culture of personal responsibility and accountability that we have here. Now, there are some instances when I have to send out a “People, People, People” email! When my people see that subject line most know to stop what they are doing and see what Claire is mad about this time. Oh, and its usually something that needs to be said. You see I am one of those people that says the things out loud that others only think about saying.  

But I love my job, and to me this doesn’t seem like hard work. I work with some of the nicest people, some of the most respectful people, some of the smartest people, some of the best people I know. In my role I wear many hats. You see, I am the one to make sure that you have everything you need at your fingertips when you need it so you can perform your job to the best of your ability. Some say I am the face of Zilliant and some say I am the mother of Zilliant, while others say the queen of Zilliant. People come ask me for advice at times and I like to think that if asked I have some good advice to offer. Some just need an ear to vent for a moment. Some just need a few minutes to unwind, to laugh, to not think about all that they have to get completed in the next two days. I am here for you. Zilliant has seen me through some great days and some not so great days and I wouldn’t change a thing. I have grown so much since joining this team. May we continue to grow together and continue to do great things.  

Go Team Zilliant!!!!!! 

Greg Peters - Chairman, President and CEO 

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It goes without saying that 2020 was an unprecedented year. As I reflect on what I’m thankful for, first and foremost it’s the health of family, customers, partners and Zilliant employees. Second, I’m immensely grateful for our customers. Thank you for your continuous support and curiosity as to what’s possible with Zilliant. You continue to push us with new ideas and commercial challenges that need to be addressed. I think our rapid product evolution and expansion is a direct reflection of our ongoing collaboration, and I’m thankful for your partnership. Finally, I’m thankful for Zilliant employees, a group of extremely talented and intelligent people who could have their choice of employers. I continue to be immensely impressed with their professionalism and commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience, despite remarkable challenges. I wish you and your family the very best over this holiday season. 

We at Zilliant want to wish our readers a very happy, safe and relaxing Thanksgiving. See you in December!