For B2B companies, managing the customer price agreement process is complex and burdensome. The under-management of agreements, especially in times of inflation and market volatility, results in margin loss over time. It’s time to enable proactive price agreement management for improved profitability. With Zilliant’s Quick Start package for Agreement Management, B2B companies can deploy Zilliant Deal Manager™ in as few as four weeks.

The Fastest Path to Proactive Agreement Management

Today the third installment of the revolutionary Quick Start program was unveiled. This new package focuses on enabling sales reps to create, manage and renew customer price agreements more proactively to improve profitability.

The Quick Start for Agreement Management enables customers to get started with Zilliant Deal Manager™ in as few as four weeks. This means Zilliant customers realize faster time to value and benefit from proactive management of customer price agreements, which are often undermanaged and an inadvertent source of margin loss.

When it comes to managing customer price agreements, many B2B companies run into these common challenges:

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