European Executive Summit: Get Closer to the Customer

May 24, 2016

On May 12, I had the opportunity to travel to Nice, France, for our Spring European Executive Summit. Despite the close proximity, I unfortunately did not run into any superstars attending the infamous Cannes Film Festival, held the same week. But, the more than 30 B2B sales and pricing leaders in attendance did get to hear from a handful of our superstar customers who shared how they are using predictive analytics and optimization to grow revenue and profits.

The set of speakers included leaders from an auto parts distributor, industrial manufacturer, building products distributor and manufacturer of industrial gases. Each presentation tied into the event’s theme: “Fusing Strategy and Execution.” In other words, sharing how company leaders can deliver better business results by directly linking management strategy to the hundreds of commercial decisions made by sales reps each day. Each presenter shared the business challenges his respective company faced that led the management team to Zilliant.

In the case of the auto parts distributor, there were several factors at play, including: low understanding of true customer churn, lack of a CRM system, unpredictable industry buying behaviors, highly transactional customer relationships, large sales force, speed of business expansion, and customer segment complexity. I’m sure many of you reading this can relate to at least a few of those.

The distributor decided to implement SalesMax as a means to increase customer penetration. SalesMax not only shines a light on churn at the product line level within each account, but it identifies opportunities to sell additional products to each account. Those actionable opportunities are then delivered to sales reps either via email, CRM, or a standalone web interface.

After implementing SalesMax, the company saw an 89 percent increase in average monthly revenue. The solution also enabled sales reps to have more confident and productive conversations with customers by anticipating their buying needs, and improved the “picture” of the customer, providing more visibility to reps and managers alike.

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

That is precisely what giving sales rep prescriptive guidance about which customers to call and which products to talk about is enabling.

Speak your mind: What initiatives do you have in place to get even closer to your customers?

If you are interested in attending a Zilliant Executive Summit in Europe or North America, reach out to

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