Our friends at the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) are hosting their annual spring conference, virtually, from May 4-12. This year’s theme is “Next Steps for Continuous Improvement,” and Zilliant will once again contribute thought leadership for attendees looking to reimagine their commercial processes. 


Zilliant Vice President of Services Brooks Hamilton will conduct a two-day pricing workshop and Senior Vice President of Services and Customer Success Rick Chappel will lead a breakout session. Here’s a preview of what to expect from these dynamic and entertaining speakers. 

“Becoming a Master of Your B2B Pricing Universe” – A Workshop with Brooks Hamilton 

May 4-5 

Hamilton has turned his popular “Price Modes” presentation into an interactive workshop, which he will conduct over the first two afternoons of the virtual conference. Attendees can expect a deep dive into each facet of a B2B company’s pricing architecture, the problems inherent in each price type and step-by-step guidance on how to fix them. Hamilton’s unique style and surprisingly relevant pop culture references will be on full display as he challenges workshop attendees to take an honest look at their business. 

Every B2B organization is feeling pricing pain, whether manageable or acute. These are caused by complex and outdated processes, the increasing pace of business changes and a smorgasbord of technology options that can lead to analysis paralysis. Hamilton will prove why first gaining a thorough understanding of the price modes within your business is key to solving the problem.  

Attendees will leave with confidence to approach a pricing project, armed with knowledge of which price mode to fix first given their specific challenges and a plan to get started. 

“Translate Pricing Strategy into Sales Action” – Breakout Session with Rick Chappel 

May 6 

Join the engaging and energetic Chappel as he tackles the eternal question: “How do you get salespeople to adopt your wonderful prices?” 

Chappel will walk through three major hurdles that get in the way of B2B pricing teams’ best laid strategies: 

  1. Strategic Misalignment 

  1. Manual Effort 

  1. Sales Confidence 

He will then prescribe specific tactics to close that strategy-to-execution gap, honed over years of experience working with customers across a wide array of B2B verticals. Learn how leveraging the latest cloud-native technologies and data science can consistently deliver account-level price actions directly to sales reps, making their jobs easier while keeping prices in an acceptable range. He also draws on customer success best practices to shed light on how to manage change, measure and grow adoption, and build bridges between internal silos.