By The Numbers | The Top Blog Posts of 2016

July 5, 2016

From customer testimony to trends in CRM, the list below ranks the top five posts to date, listed by the numbers.

No. 5: Eaton Taps the Power of Prescriptive Analytics

In an interview with Baseline Magazine, Matt Mehlbrech, vice president of IT for Eaton’s Hydraulics Group, shares how a migration to a data-driven approach to pricing has introduced an unimaginable level of insight. "We are no longer flying blind and guessing. We have deep visibility into the business. We're now in a position where we can use this analytics approach for the rest of the business."

No. 4: Sports Analytics: Predictions for Super Bowl 50

In this post, Zilliant’s Eric Hills weighed in on different models used to predict the possible outcomes of Super Bowl 50, along with his own prediction. “This past year, I became interested in football handicapping, which is the process of predicting the scores and spreads of games, often for the purpose of betting… But as I noticed how ‘spreads’ and ‘picks’ have become central elements in sports stories, my interest piqued.”

No. 3: Are Pricing Errors Costing You Customers?

There is no doubt that consistent pricing errors will lead to the loss of customers. This post delves into the true cost of customer churn in profit dollars, as well as its impact on the cost equation.

No. 2: Top Ten Revenue-Killing Sales Myths in B2B

Ultimately, B2B companies would like to improve customer retention rates and increase organic growth but few are focusing on giving sale reps the actionable guidance they need to make this a reality. In this six-part series, we lay out ten misconceptions B2B companies believe are helping reps achieve sales goals but are actually killing revenues.

No. 1: CRM Trends for 2016: Leveraging Data to Sell Smarter

In this post, Eric Hills provides insight on the wide adoption of data-driven models and current trends in CRM. “In our areas of focus, pricing and sales effectiveness, predictive models do indeed top new CRM technology adoption rates, according to a recent survey performed by”

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