Ask Aviana: Three Powerful User Interface Designs

October 20, 2017

Can B2B applications be as fast, functional and simple as the consumer experience? In this post, we sat down with our in-house expert on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), Zilliant UX Designer Aviana Parker, to discover if the B2C experience can be mirrored in B2B and ask what she looks for in great product design.

As a UX designer, my role from a high-level includes observing customer experiences, analyzing challenges/opportunities, and designing user interface solutions. My design solutions are typically driven by the Salesforce Platform Design Guidelines and Tableau. Whenever looking for inspiration it’s important to remember every user is a consumer outside of the B2B industry.

In a fast-paced world, humans process 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day on average. Companies around the world have the ability to expand knowledge through the latest data and technology. The most impactful companies design beautiful interfaces that enable B2B and B2C users to easily consume data. Sound, context, usability, interaction, and visual design are a couple attributes that play into defining a quality design. Let’s explore how three powerful B2C UI designs showcase these qualities:

No 1. Instagram

Instagram has created a habit-forming app, motivating users to effectively stay up-to-date with the people that matter most. Users that work 9-5 jobs utilize the app throughout the day. As of April 2017, the app was being used by 700 million users worldwide.

instagram ui

The minimal color scheme and large format posts capture users’ attention and imagination to relive or feel immersed in a moment. A familiar feature in iOS is the swipe function that Instagram takes advantage of; it allows users to gain recent or real-time stories. When a user receives an activity notification, in-app, a small delightful tooltip with the activity type appears.

No 2. Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming mobile and desktop app that enables users to easily listen to music, anytime, anywhere. Throughout this user interface, the striking dark theme amplifies the subtle icons, typography and music cover art. The visual design triggers a delightful nostalgic feeling that is experienced at a record shop when searching and discovering music.

Spotify creates a unique experience by learning the listening habits of its users. One of the most powerful features gives users the ability to create a radio station in context to a playlist, song, artist, album, or genre. Searching for music is a streamlined experience with real time results surfaced by the UI. These features, offered by the interface, are successful in motivating users to experience all kinds of music throughout their day. 

No 3. Qapital

Qapital is a mobile banking app, motivating users to save money in a fun and effortless experience. This clean and simple UI drives a sense of accountability and support to accomplish goals.

When a purchase occurs from a linked bank account, rules are triggered to fund created goals. Creating a goal includes adding details and personalized rules. A part of adding details to a goal, but not required, is setting a goal image. Choosing a rule seems like a daunting task, but it’s actually delightful with the positive descriptions and illustrative cards. Depicting how spend habits impact goals is easily done by scrolling through the activity feed. Creating and tracking goals are not only easy, but fun with the pop of color, large imagery, and illustrations throughout the interface.

To see how Aviana’s design inspiration influences the Zilliant IQ Platform user interface, check out this video.

Curious about UI/UX design in B2B? Email and your question could be featured in the next “Ask Aviana” post.

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