All Eyes on Amazon: Competing in E-Commerce

June 7, 2016

Last month Amazon announced that it reached a new milestone with its B2B arm, Amazon Business, reaching more than $1 billion in online sales. Even more interesting, the customer base of Amazon Business has grown an astounding 50 percent in 2016 alone, up to 300,000 customers ranging from small to Fortune 500 businesses. This probably isn’t a new data point for most; it’s been all eyes on Amazon since 2012 when the online giant first entered the B2B fray.

Still, four years later and nailing the perfect e-commerce strategy to compete on that level can be elusive. Matching the consumer experience isn’t straightforward in B2B where relationship-building is key. Customers expect their buying experience to be highly personal and tailored. Mirroring those expectations online can be difficult at best. How can you ensure that customers are met with the right products at the right price when they do business with you online? And if you do achieve that, is it smart to try and keep up with Amazon’s steady stream of newer, smarter technologies like Amazon Dash?

Finding the right path that both serves your company and your customers isn’t straightforward, but proof points are growing as more companies jump into this new sales channel. In fact, Zilliant CMO Eric Hills recently sat down with Supply & Demand Chain Executive to answer a few of the most urgent questions, such as:


  • What is Amazon’s Dash button and why is it considered a disruptive technology?
  • What and why do business-to-business (B2B) organizations need to know about Amazon Dash?
  • How can B2B organizations step up their e-commerce and omnichannel game to compete with Amazon Dash?
  • How can B2B organizations use predictive and prescriptive analytics to compete with Amazon Dash?
  • How can B2B organizations leverage pricing models to compete with Amazon Dash?
  • What kind of data does Amazon Dash collect on consumers? Can B2B organizations mimic this kind of collection? If so, what kind of benefits does this information bring to B2B organizations and how can they leverage it?

Jump to read Eric’s perspective and reach out to if you have more questions and want to keep the conversation going. 

Speak Your Mind: When you think about your current e-commerce strategy, from current to desired state, as well as the journey is going, where do you see the largest area ripe for improvement?

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