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Revisit the most-read Zilliant pricing blog posts of the year and discover insights into intelligently responding to the complex B2B pricing challenges that dominated 2022.

After shutdowns in 2020 and then surging costs in 2021, this year was marked by stubbornly high inflation rates, continued supply chain disruption and labor shortages, and prolonged market volatility, which saw weakening demand and falling costs. In short, 2022 was a collision of new and old pandemic-driven pricing challenges that show no signs of slowing down as the threat of a recession looms.

The reality of the situation is that B2B companies that rely on manual tools and outdated processes are at a significant disadvantage. It’s critical that companies are equipped to make pricing adjustments with speed and precision, or they risk margin or volume loss as prices come down. For B2B pricing teams, this means being prepared to intelligently counteract these economic challenges with data-driven software and proven strategies, and our internal blog data showed that’s exactly the kind of content pricing professionals were seeking in 2022.

Here are our top five most-read pricing blogs of the year for you to revisit, gain insight from, and share with your colleagues:

Price Optimization: A Guide to Maximizing Profit

This comprehensive explainer includes all you need to know about price optimization, and why it’s a necessary approach for today’s B2B companies. Read to learn what price optimization really is, what price elasticity is and how it’s calculated, how dynamic pricing works, and why price optimization is critical for maximizing profit.

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What is Dynamic Pricing?

In this post, which was also one of our most read of 2021, we set out to demystify dynamic pricing in a B2B context. Though the definition may be straightforward – dynamic pricing means that your customers see prices that are relevant to market and channel conditions at any given point in time – achieving it in a fluctuating omnichannel market is anything but.

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An Introduction to Price Management

For many B2B companies, complicated spreadsheets continue to be the go-to method of managing prices even though this method is increasingly impractical and inefficient. In our thorough explainer, we take a deep dive into price management, including why B2B price management software is essential to simplify arduous price management and administration tasks.

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Pricing Software: What It Is and How It Works

Many B2B pricing challenges have only been exacerbated by slow and inefficient manual pricing processes and tools. Pricing software, on the other hand, offers a smarter and more sophisticated response to turbulent economic times. In this post, we explain pricing software in the context of B2B. This includes looking at the types of pricing software, who can benefit from it, the typical realized benefits, and tips for selecting the right pricing software vendor for your business.

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An In-Depth Overview of Pricing Analytics

Pricing analytics is the foundation of any business-to-business pricing strategy, delivering crucial, highly visual, intuitive, and data-driven insight. This in-depth overview deconstructs the concept of pricing analytics, breaks it down into essential analytical capabilities, and illustrates the immense value B2B companies receive from pricing analytics adoption.

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