Greg Howe

Greg leads Zilliant’s global sales team, where he is responsible for the company’s sales strategy, revenue growth and sales process. Greg brings more than 20 years of Software industry experience to his role. He has a consistent record of exceeding performance objectives in sales and sales management roles, and specializes in effectively developing and articulating complex solutions for c-level executives. Most recently, Greg was the VP of Worldwide Sales for IBM Pricing Solutions, responsible for SaaS sales, the sales process and strategy, International market development, and customer renewals. Prior to his role with IBM, Greg was the the Vice President of Sales for DemandTec. Greg previously held sales and sales management roles at Hyperion Solutions (now Oracle Retail), NCR’s Retail Solutions group, and Sybase (now SAP). Greg earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Florida.

  • It’s Like Siri for Sales: Intelligent Customer Interactions

    It’s Like Siri for Sales: Intelligent Customer Interactions

    When B2B sales reps are fed a steady stream of actionable insights that result in intelligent customer interactions, it's like Siri for Sales - the sales person and the company get a performance boost

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