Lighting Provider Reveals Insights Worth Millions

February 28, 2017

Companies often miss the long tail of cross-sell and retention opportunities in their customer base. Sure, their sales reps may know everything about a handful of top accounts, but what about the rest of the customers? As sales reps are asked to manage larger and larger books of business, this is a growing challenge for many companies.

Case in point: Managers at a major manufacturer of commercial lighting knew they weren't getting all the business they could from their existing customers. With thousands of customers and hundreds of product categories, opportunities to sell more volume and additional product categories couldn't help but be overlooked. Take a look at this short webcast to see how this company armed sales people with the actionable opportunities to close more deals, faster.


This case study reveals how company executives found a way to overcome the massive complexity of the business to deliver an additional $6 million in revenue.

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