Gamification in B2B Sales: Driving Adoption Through Action

August 7, 2015

Most people use traditional sales contests to motivate their sales teams to hit or exceed their numbers. What many sales managers don’t realize is that on average, more than 50 percent of the sales force actually isn’t motivated by those contests. They believe only “A” players can win.

Consider this statement from Adam Hollander, CEO at Fantasy Sales Team:

“My top reps were not the ones that I really cared about motivating…I wanted to motivate everyone else, mostly that middle 50 percent. When I talked to the middle 50 percent, I came to realize…they actually were de-motivated and frustrated because they felt like they never had much of a chance to win.”

Although you may see spikes of activity with sales contests, you may be motivating only a small portion of your entire team. Listen to this audio clip about sales gamification best practices featuring Adam Hollander, to learn how you can motivate your entire sales force for the duration of contests, and create a company culture where everyone is encouraging and relying on each other.

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