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Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Dynamics: A New Formula for Profitable Growth

February 9, 2015

Holding the line on margins in the face of cost volatility, while capitalizing on recent industry growth to win more market share continues to be a strategic focus for specialty chemical manufacturers. However, that’s easier said than done. Sales reps face a massively complex environment, typified by tens of thousands of products and customers and a highly competitive and cyclical market. How do manufacturers ensure that margin and share goals are executed upon in the field through each and every decision?

Sales people need guidance about where to find opportunities to expand share, and once they find them, how to quote a price that will hit profit goals and still win the business. This whitepaper discusses the factors in chemical manufacturing that make effective pricing difficult, the challenges inherent with gaining more share profitably, and how companies can use the data they already have to align sales reps’ decisions with financial priorities.

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