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How the Sales Team Benefits from Optimized Prices

March 14, 2016

In many companies, there is a constant tension between the sales team and the pricing team. The pricing team wants sales reps to quote from the price list and follow a set of rules, while sales reps, often faced with highly competitive selling situations, want to quote a price that is guaranteed to win the business.

In an effort to address pricing challenges, many companies resort to automating price exceptions or setting more rules. Neither approach has the desired effect of actually providing better prices or driving higher profits. They fail to fix the root cause — setting the right prices upfront. This whitepaper demonstrates how the sales team, not just the C-suite or pricing analysts, benefit from optimized prices. Other key takeaways include:

  • How price optimization contrasts with approval and discount processes.
  • How to minimize revenue risk with surgical price changes.
  • Why market-aligned price guidance drastically reduces exception requests.
  • How smarter price guidance turns “B” and “C” players into “A” players.
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