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Webinar: Pricing Science Works

August 30, 2017

For manufacturers and distributors, market volatility and competition is a constant challenge. Pricing science can help you gain an edge in three discrete revenue streams:  Long term agreements, project opportunities and spot/casual opportunities. Companies need a way to ‘rationalize’ and scale their pricing capability to quickly and effectively respond to each B2B customer’s important value drivers and price sensitivities.

In this session, Jim will explain how a pricing science approach enables companies to proactively manage pricing to best drive long-term customer value and create self-adjusting, market-synchronized prices that can be proactively adjusted to respond to new strategic goals.

Join Jim Vaughn, Zilliant principal pricing consultant, as he discusses:

  • The fundamental concepts underlying the analytics used in price response segmentation
  • How pricing science helps identify and manage customer value drivers across revenue streams
  • How B2B companies use pricing science to keep pricing synchronized to the market
  • How B2B companies use pricing science to better manage “who owns the risk” in various length agreements (and to drive bigger profits)
  • How pricing science helps solve scalability challenges and enables managers and “pricers” to focus on providing guidance and direction, not permission

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